Helios Games specializes in developing exciting games that are designed to be fun
for Players around the world. All of our games are created by a passionate and
dedicated team which ensures that every release is of a high quality.

We pride ourselves on creating games that reach out to a variety
of different audiences; something for everyone if you will.
Our games are intended to be playable by various different age groups
with each finding something to their liking.

One of the primary aims of Helios Games is to ensure that
our games are carefully created in order to ensure that they
provide countless hours of fun gameplay, all for free!

With hand crafted environments and lovingly created characters,
we create more than just games. Our aim is to provide all of our
Players with fun and memorable experiences that they will want to
return to time and time again. The worlds and characters that we
create are designed to be enjoyed and remembered by players all around the world.

Our Vision:

To be a market leader and visionary in the field of game development.